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Fleur Robinson: “Wrexham Are A Sleeping Giant!”

By Matt Waters

FLEUR Robinson talks exclusively with me on her new role as Wrexham CEO and reflects on her successful time at Burton Albion.

RYAN Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have made their biggest statement so far as Wrexham owners by announcing Burton Albion Commercial Director Fleur Robinson as their new CEO.

Robinson, who navigated Burton Albion’s remarkable rise from Non-League to the Championship alongside her father, admitted it was the Hollywood A listers vision and passion for the Dragons that sold it to her.

She said: “It would have taken something special for me to leave Burton and I think the approach and vision of the new owners is what attracted me.

“Wrexham are a sleeping giant with a great fanbase in an untapped area in the North Wales and it has lots of potential for success.

“It’s a similar journey to what I’ve been through at Burton and it’s something that won’t happen overnight, but we will put the foundations in for that growth.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity for me and I can’t wait to start.

Robinson’s appointment sparked large social media interest and with a documentary confirmed by McElhenney, she was quick to reassure supporters that it will be business as usual from her.

“I’ll be mindful to things that are operating around us however I have a job to do at the end of the day and I’ll make sure it’s done to the best of my ability.

Fleur will be joining the world’s third oldest football club in the summer and she revealed that community will be at the epicentre of her work at the club.

“Both Ryan and Rob have said publicly how keen they are to keep that balance between growing the football club and creating a legacy within the local community.

“I believe it’s an exciting opportunity to grow them both in equal measure and really create that legacy piece in the community.

Placing emphasis on community is nothing new for the Burton Albion Commercial Director as she one of the founders of The Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT).

Since its inception in 2010 BACT has expanded and helps more than 7000 people per week in their local community.

After seeing it evolve, Fleur paid tribute to everyone who works for BACT especially their head of community Matt Hancock.

“Since we got back involved with the club in the 90’s we had always emphasised that we are a community club.

“We’re fortunate that we’ve got great community trust leads such as Matt who is delivering these and I’m incredibly proud of this work.

“Getting promoted back to the football league enabled us to set up our community trust and it’s been amazing to see how that’s grown.

Her community work started well before BACT as she was tasked with a huge role in building the Pirelli Stadium to get the club prepared for the Football League.

“I was part of the original conversations and I was tasked with going out and looking at grounds with bigger facilities at our level such as Telford United.

“We didn’t quite have the Championship in mind when we built the ground, and it was a huge challenge to cope with the demand of security and hospitality when we got to that level.

“It’s going to be a forever home for the football club, and it’s been great for our community.

Fleur’s path from volunteering at the club to becoming Commercial Director has been inspirational and whilst she does not see herself as a role model; she believes the new Women’s Super League television deal is a step in the right direction for equality.

“It’s very reassuring to see the investment in women’s football from the new television deal and hopefully we’re now moving in the right direction.

“It’s a combination of people like myself promoting what I do and supporting those future generations whether your male or female to help them grow in your business or let them flourish elsewhere.

As her 26-year journey comes to an end with her beloved Burton Albion, Fleur Robinson hopes that her legacy is remembered for being ‘community first.’

“I want my legacy to be that community comes first. For me personally there has been lots of magnificent moments which I am extremely fortunate for.

“The community trust having their own facility means they can deliver far more programs and it’s something we’re all proud of.

“More recently we’ve integrated the Ladies setup into the football club, and I’ve asked the club to make sure that continues once my time has ended.”

Fleur will be leaving the League One side to join Wrexham this summer who currently lie in 5th place in the National League.

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